Cigar Review: Gurkha Triple Ligero Special Edition 2002

Interesting cigar. This stick was part of a smash pack of Gurkhas I picked up about a month ago, with a hat tip to Ted of AccessVegas for his suggestion. Because they were shipped UPS, I let them sit in my humidor a while. The cigar passed the pinch test today, so I figured I’d give it a try. (Well, that and my current box of go-to cigars, the Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur No. II, ran out last week.)

The cigar presented nicely; the 6×52 stick featured a lovely dark brown, slightly oily, wrapper with a woodsy initial aroma. After a quick V-cut and a light with a cedar spill, I sat down with a glass of Bacardi Dark and enjoyed the experience … down to the nub.


  • No construction problems or flaws detected. Smooth draw, even burn, firm dark ash. Solid, aromatic resting smoke. Didn’t go out even after I left it for five minutes while I answered a phone call.
  • Balanced flavor. This is a strong cigar, but its power was softened a bit by hints of spice, cream and dark coffee — characteristic of liguero. Smooth finish.  Not much of a difference detected among the thirds, though.
  • The draw heated up significantly in the last third, but it didn’t become acrid.
  • This cigar has five ratings on, scoring 4.28 on a 10-point scale. In this case, I think the reviewers are off-base. The cigar probably warrants something in the 7.5-to-8.0 range. It’s a good stick if you like them full-flavored, but it’s probably not ideal for new smokers or those who prefer lighter smokes.

This was a tasty cigar, and I’d buy another. I probably wouldn’t recommend it to Tony, though.

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