Podcast 82: Caesars Windsor Trip Recap

Podcast 82, 9/2/12 …  Jason and Tony share the details of their recent three-day trip to Caesar’s Windsor in lovely Ontario, Canada.

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3 thoughts on “Podcast 82: Caesars Windsor Trip Recap

  1. AccessVegas Reply

    Really cool to hear about gaming outside of Las Vegas, both the pros and the cons. Because many non-LV gaming properties are “stand alone” (you can’t go to a next door casino for a different restaurant or buffet), I’m wondering if people venture out and experience the surrounding neighborhood. You obviously did with the cigar store walk, and in future non-LV casino reports it would be interesting to note if other properties have local-adjacent food/drink/cigars.

    Also, do you think the time of year played a roll? You guys really enjoyed lighting up both along the river and at the outdoor bar. Is there a cigar-friendly venue at some of these properties in the middle of winter?

    Does the fact that you have to pay full price for drinks even if gaming make you more likely to keep a couple of bottles of liquor in your room and “pre-game” by getting a buzz on before you hit the floor?

    One of the challenges Las Vegas has faced is that because of the rising drink prices (for non-gaming customers) and/or slow cocktail service, more and more people bring a cooler to their room, fill it with ice, and stock it with beer and booze. So… in the long run… the property is probably losing back more of the potential profits from the higher drink prices.

    I think there is a real market for non-LV property stay reviews like this one. I’d stay with it!

  2. Mike Reply

    I just discovered your podcast. FYI, a lot of casinos accross the US offer free drinks: Atlantic City, NJ; New Orleans; Iowa; most Indian casinos in New York state and Connecticut; and Colorado. casinos in Detroit are allowed to give free drinks but choose not to.

    • Jason Gillikin Reply

      Good info, Mike. The market for free casino drinks is probably more varied than Tony and I acknowledged.

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