Podcast 90: Harrah’s Joliet Trip Review

Podcast 90, 10/21/2012 … Jason and Tony share their experiences about their recent weekend trip to Harrah’s Joliet (with a pass-through at Horseshoe Hammond). Get our take on the hotel, the food and the disappointing payouts on the casino floor.

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9 thoughts on “Podcast 90: Harrah’s Joliet Trip Review

  1. Mike Reply

    The fact you can’t smoke in Illinois casinos any more makes me cross them off my list forever.

  2. AccessVegas Reply

    Great report, pulling no punches (as always).

    Did you think that some of the “issues” (tired hotel rooms, bad VP pay tables, 2 cent machines) is because they simply have a captive audience? If you live in that area and you want to rack up Total Rewards points (or just gamble), you don’t have a choice?

    They can offer a room comp and they know you are stuck. There is no property to walk across the street, and when you are gambling and drinking, you probably aren’t just going to get in the car and drive home if you have a room.

    Also, from what I gathered from your report, the steak house and diner were just adequate. I got on Google maps and noticed that there were other bar/grill and restaurants within a few blocks. Is it the “not wanting to leave the casino” (like many people never leave the Las Vegas Strip), or is it a part of town where you don’t want to risk leaving? Or were the food comps good enough to keep you on property?

    Here’s why I ask all of this: I live almost walking distance (kind of) from Palace Station. Serviceable buffet for very little more than you’d pay at a Quiznos. Decent (but not incredible) steak house. But… the rooms are clean, up-to-date and well-kept. They know that The Strip and Downtown are both just a few minutes away if you don’t like the room, food, or your luck.

    IE, did you think it was just part of CET’s “We don’t invest in the upkeep of our properties” (which certainly comes into play even here, although that might be changing) or is/was it simply “These people are stuck, they are willing to play bad games… why bother to make things nicer for them”?

    Once again, always enjoy the “boots on the ground” reports from various gaming destinations. No one else seems to be doing that.

    • Jason Gillikin Reply

      Your thesis is an eminently plausible one. The tired rooms don’t matter to well-heeled locals, whereas the immaculate common areas do.

      Part of the charm of downtown Joliet is that it’s a bit … sedate. Could we have left the property to explore other dining options? Sure. But nothing on-site was horrible enough that we out-of-towners would have went searching for it. Perhaps if there was something interesting – e.g., a riverboat diner – we’d have been tempted.

      If I had to guess, I’d say it’s more of a “deferred maintenance” rather than a “screw ‘em” attitude by CET. The common areas, again, were great – and the guest service was uniformly nice. If our room were typical, then they’d have to shell out a fair amount on rehabbing the guest quarters. I think they don’t because there’s no burning platform to do so by their ordinary clientele.

  3. AccessVegas Reply

    PS @Mike I agree. No cigars, no dice. I actually don’t enjoy cigars at the blackjack table because I’m too busy with the game. But… VP or craps… you’d better believe I’m enjoying my stogie!

    • Mike Reply

      @AccessVegas, I just returned from another Vegas trip — 3 in the last 3 months! (All for work, but I always tack on extra days). I rarely smoke cigars at the craps table, as much as I might enjoy it. The few times I have, several people complained.
      BTW, did you know Harrahs in Vegas no longer allows cigars at any of their casino bars? I was chased away from one and the bartender pointed to a small placard behind the bar that said “No cigars please.” I have not seen that at many other Caesars properties.

        • Mike Reply

          Not at the bars on the casino floor (usually the ones with video poker). You can smoke what you want, all you want, at the slots or tables on the casino floor, but no stogies at the bars that ring the gambing area.
          As far as I know, that is not the policy at other Caesars properties on the Strip.

          • Jason Gillikin

            Ugh, that sucks. Thanks for the info, Mike — much appreciated!

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