Cigar Review: @Cohiba Edición Diamante Capa Reserva 1980 Robusto

Cigar enthusiasts point to the 1980 Cameroon tobacco crop as one of the best ever harvested. General Cigar kept some of that leaf, aging it for 32 years, and has now used some of it as the wrapper for its Cohiba Edición Diamante Capa Reserva 1980 line.  Odd to smoke a cigar with a wrapper nearly as old as I am — but well worth it. This was a phenomenal smoke.

I enjoyed a robusto (5×50) acquired from George’s Smoke Shop in beautiful downtown Holland, Mich. Priced at $24.95 for a single.

As noted, a Cameroon wrapper — with Indonesian binder and Dominican filler.


  • It came in a metallic-wrapped Spanish cedar coffin — its own private humidor. Elegantly packaged. The cigars ship in a box of 10 in a beautiful cedar humidor with lacquered hardwood exterior and an engraved metal plate.
  • Cigar presented with a medium-brown, dry, veiny wrapper. Two well-designed, minimalist bands — one at the head and one at the foot.
  • Even, easy light. No construction problems at all. The cigar didn’t require maintenance during the smoke.
  • Medium-bodied taste (claimed) — seemed more like the light end of the medium range.
  • Plentiful light smoke with easy draw.
  • Firm medium-grey ash that stayed on the cigar; discarded ash crumbled into very fine, sand-like pieces.
  • Woody scent to resting smoke, reminiscent of California Redwoods.
  • Nutty flavor with undertones of cinnamon in first third.
  • Nutmeg and peppery spice came out in last third.
  • Subtle, earth nut flavor (somewhat, but not exactly, like toasted Brazil nuts) and leather throughout.
  • Delightful transition in taste profile throughout the thirds.
  • Lingering aftertaste — cinnamon-like spicy, but not overwhelmingly so.
  • I enjoyed it alone, with no paired beverage, but this would probably work well with either a tawny port, a cup of dark coffee or a good Highlands malt.

This cigar is very highly recommended. They are hard to come by, but if you can find them, grab several — one to enjoy, and more to keep in your humidor for special events in the future.

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