Davidoff Colorado Claro

Interesting, this is the second time now I’ve done a cigar review where the cigar maker didn’t have the cigar I wanted to review listed on their website! I just did a review of the Cohiba Diamante Cigar (which you can read: here) and they, like Davidoff didn’t have one of their cigars listed on the site. I really like to be able to provide “Manufacturer’s Claim” as a part of the review, but I guess it’s not meant to be…again.

I can tell you this much about the cigar:

Size: 6 x 52
Wrapper: Ecuadorian
Binder/Filler: Dominican

Background: So I picked up this $25 smoke for two reasons: 1) My wife got a new job and it was cause for celebration [And I should say that a cigar is the best way to enjoy a celebratory moment] and 2) It was $25 and I had just smoked a $25 Cohiba, I wondered how a $25 Davidoff would compare! In all seriousness, I saw this cigar in my local smoke shop and wanted to try another expensive cigar, but this time made by my most favorite cigar maker. I figured that Jason had “the best” cigar, and while I didn’t agree with its superiority, I couldn’t argue with how well it was constructed/lit/burned, etc etc. So, with that, on with my review…

Appearance & Presentation: It’s a beautiful mahogany brown wrapper with the distinct “Colorado Claro” band just beneath the traditional cigar band. This was what drew me to the cigar initially. The bulk of Davidoff cigars are a lighter, Connecticut leaf, which is part of their draw for me personally. A Connecticut leaf is almost always a mild smoke. I knew that getting a darker wrapper doesn’t automatically mean that it’ll be a stronger smoke, but it’s a good indicator, and it held true in this instance. The cigar was wrapped in its own cellophane condom, and as mentioned, had two bands around it, near its head. From the feel of it, I could tell that my tobacconist did a great job at keeping the stick well humidified and the temperature a cozy 70 degrees. Further, I noted that it was not veiny, it didn’t crackle between my fingers and the cut of the cap was simple!

Lighting & Burning: I have to say that there is something about a $25 stick that seems to make everything more magical (ok, ok, that was dorky, I’ll agree). It seemed like the foot toasted a little easier, the stick lit a little faster and the cigar burned a little brighter. I don’t actually think any of that is (probably) true, but I sure seemed that way. From the moment it was lit until the snuffed out nub, I never had an issue with this cigar. I had zero burning issues, it never went out and the ash held its form far longer than most cigars. Inevitably I wind up with flecks of ask on my shirt/pants, but not with this cigar. And, because I anticipated this smoke to be a bit more full-bodied than I’m normally accustomed, I smoked it slower. That’s relevant because sometimes cigars will go out if you don’t buff on them within 45-75 seconds. I could go a legitimate 60-90 (or longer) seconds and the drag was just as healthy and if I’d been puffing away every 30 seconds. Its resting smoke, like its burning smoke was a normal, appropriate amount. It was a light grey in nature color, so was the ash.

Construction: Well made. I expect nothing less from Davidoff cigars, however. There was no plug, there was no problem with the cap/head unraveling, as I felt the cigar it was neither too spongy nor too firm. Davidoff’s are just really, really well made cigars.

Taste: This cigar was a tasty smoke! I would smoke this cigar again, without hesitation. I found it to have a nice combination of pepper, notes of nut, with a earthy base to it. For some folks who aren’t as big of fans the Rocky Patel Sun Grown nor the Baccarat cigars (due to their spicy/pepper flavor), but find some cigars to be far too “vegital” in nature, this Davidoff is the perfect blend of those two extremes.

Consistency: Superb. Didn’t change one time, from the first to the last puff. It never got hot, acidic, mild…perfect balance all the way through.

Final Observations: I still wouldn’t say this is “the best” cigar I’ve ever smoked, but it’s certainly up there. I can tell this cigar is complex and is one for a mature palate. Not that it’s too harsh or “potent”, it’s just that a newbie would not appreciate everything going on in this stick. Hell, I’m fairly positive I’m only got 50% of its flavor and complexities. But I knew there was something more to it than my simple taste buds could detect, and I look forward to trying it again. However, at $25 per smoke, it’s not something I’m going to grab every time I go into the humidor, but it is something I would smoke for “minor celebrations”. The fun part is making excuses to have to pick up this stick and smoke it. If you get a chance to try one, don’t let the price point scare you off. If you’ve been smoking cigars for a few years now (or have recently thrown yourself into the cigar world), I would challenge you to track one down and try it. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed at the investment.

My score: A (95%)

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