For the West Michigan Folk — Our 2013 Cigar/Cocktail Schedule

Live in West Michigan? Want to meet Jason and Tony (who wouldn’t, right?) or need an excuse to get out of the house for a premium cigar and a fine adult beverage? Well, then, join our monthly get-togethers!

The recurrence pattern simple: We’ll meet on the third Wednesday of every month in 2013, at 7 p.m., at Grand River Cigar in beautiful downtown Grand Rapids, MI. (That’s 131 S. Division, 49503 — near the Cathedral of St. Andrew and just a block north of the Wealthy Street exit from US-131.)

Thus, our dates – for the calendar impaired — are:

  • January 16
  • February 20 (note, just 6 days after V-Day, so you can enjoy a smoke while you’re still in the dog house for screwing it up with the significant other)
  • March 20 (note, the Wednesday between St. Patrick’s Day and Palm Sunday)
  • April 17
  • May 15
  • June 19
  • July 17
  • August 21
  • September 18 (note, three days after Jason’s birthday; gifts optional but appreciated, hahaha)
  • October 16
  • November 20 (note, Turkey Day is 11/28)
  • December 18 (note, Christmas and New Year’s Day are on Wednesdays in 2013)

Rules are simple:

  1. Attend … no RSVP required. Just lodge your butt in a chair with a stogie.
  2. Bring friends, we’re an open-invite kind of group.
  3. If you bring a group of friends, let me know so I can figure out whether I need to inform the lounge owners in advance.
  4. Purchase your product from the cigar shop when you arrive – no “foreign” cigars, please.
  5. You aren’t required/expected to bring anything, although no one’s stopping you from bringing a bottle. Or snacks.
  6. On occasion, Tony and I will bring supplies for brewing a signature cocktail. On occasion, we may podcast (or just have podcasted) on-site.
  7. Enjoy the libations, but responsibly enough that you’re not going to be a risk to yourself or others on the way home.

Our meetings in 2012 were a lot of fun – thanks to all of you for your support and participation. Looking forward to growing this event in 2013!

5 thoughts on “For the West Michigan Folk — Our 2013 Cigar/Cocktail Schedule

  1. Mike Reply

    Do you guys ever make your way to the most populous portion of the state — southeast Michigan? (I know you visited Windsor, Ontario, a while back). I’d love to say hello. And there are a lot more cigar bars and tobacco shops out this way.

    • Jason Gillikin Reply

      As it happens – yes. In fact, I believe we’re scheduled to swing out that way for Feb. 23, on a round-robin cigar trip hitting Okemos and then the Detroit area. Are you free? We’d love suggestions for a great place in SE MI!

    • tony Reply

      We won’t be in town on 2/23 after all, but we do intend on getting there in the near future. Do you follow us on the twitters or through our VLO FB page? How would you like us to notify you when we’ll be in the area?

      • Mike Reply

        Hmm. I do check them occasionally. What’s the best way for you to let me know?

  2. Mike Reply

    I might be able to join you. There are tons of places this way. What parts of the metro area are you hitting? Churchills in Birmingham is a cigar bar/steakhouse (smoke at your table!) with fantastic service.

    My favorite cigar bar in the region is Stix in the Downriver suburbs south of Detroit. Good drink and cigar selections with very generous pours. The best tobacco shop in the state may be the JR Cigar store in Southfield. No lounge, but amazing selection and prices.

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