Midwest Smoke Out 2013

Jason and I have routinely discussed going to the Smoke Out which is held every year in Las Vegas, it just seems like our calendars could never accommodate the trip. I have to concede that it’s more my fault than Jason’s. I have been in California during the dates when the Smoke Out has occurred and, while my wife is cool, she’s not so cool as to allow me to do a trip to California and Vegas, back-to-back.

However, it would appear as though a wonderful opportunity may be upon us, the Midwest Smoke Out. Held in the same vein as the Smoke Out events of New York City & Vegas, the Midwest Smoke Out will be held in Joliet, IL this coming April 25th! For those of you familiar with the show, Jason and I met up with Mark & Keren of 360Vegas fame, this past October.

The idea of the Smoke Out is to allow fellow cigar lovers to come together, get a slew of “free” cigars, free alcohol pairings, food to eat, etc etc. I say free, there’s a ticket price to get into the event but a bunch of stuff then comes along with it. It would appear that 2013 is going to run $150 per person but when you figure for the cigars alone, you’re averaging $10/stick (realistically, the cigars are sold for more that $10 so you get your money back and then some, so to speak).

But here’s what’s really cool about this event: It’s going to be held at the Horseshoe Hammond casino! Indiana refuses to let the anti-smoking Nazis dictate to their state legislature what laws should be put into place to control our behavior. Unlike Illinois, where you can’t smoke indoors, the great State of Indiana allows us to proudly light up our stick and enjoy the quality we know cigars to hold! This will be a fantastic event. The one tiny (truly, tiny) downside is that Horseshoe Hammond doesn’t have a hotel attached to it. They have associated themselves to a Ramada Inn, but I’ve driven by it and I’m not sure they don’t usually rent by the hour. I’m willing to give it a try but I’m a little skeptical. Seeing as how they had over 2000 participants last year, I’m hoping they’ll also team up with (and provide busing for) a few of the nicer hotels in the outlying areas of Hammond. Regardless, I’m in for this event!

If you want to join Jason and I (I haven’t even run this past him, but he’s usually pretty amenable to fantastic ideas), would should pop over to their website and check it out for yourself. You can go to their site: here.

Make sure to drop us a note on Twitter/FB or this post if you intend on attending. Perhaps we could do a mini-meetup!

4 thoughts on “Midwest Smoke Out 2013

  1. Mike Reply

    Is this “smoke out” you refer to the “Big Smoke” that Cigar Aficionado magazine holds in Las Vegas and New York each year? Or just something similar?

      • Rick Reply

        I was at the Midwest Smoke Out last year and it was great. Only 2 hours and 10 minutes to get there from Grand Rapids. The Ramada Inn is actually very nice, especially at 60 bucks a night. Also free shuttle bus to and from the casino. My wife and I are looking forward to the next one April 25th.

  2. Tony S. Reply

    Agreed, I don’t think it’s a Cigar Aficionado sponsored event, but one that I’m 99.9% positive i will be attending next year!

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