Sharing a Dram

Interesting life lesson. A few weeks ago, while I sat enthroned in an overstuffed leather chair at my local cigar lounge, I overheard one of the regulars offer a younger fellow a pour from his bottle of whiskey.

The young man expressed gratitude for the generosity, but then said, “Unfortunately, I’m not old enough.”


In Michigan, you must be 18 to smoke and 21 to drink. That leaves a three-year gap between vices. Many cigar lounges provide a welcoming, jovial environment for guys (and some gals!) to sit around, smoke a fine cigar and get one’s tipple on.

Just remember: If your generosity doesn’t extend to checking IDs, you might put yourself and your cigar shop at legal risk for having served alcohol to under-age patrons.

3 thoughts on “Sharing a Dram

  1. Mike Reply

    @Jason, Tony the lawyer might know more, but technically, those shops should not be allowing alcohol consumption at all, right? They’re not cigar bars, so they don’t have a liquor license and don’t carry any related insurance. And since they’re not bars or restaurants, they’re not regulated by Michigan’s liquor control commission, either. And unlike say, Illinois, Michigan has no provisions for BYOB in public places.
    I have enjoyed an occasional libation at many cigar stores in Michigan, but it’s always been something best done quietly.

  2. AccessVegas Reply

    I second having Tony address this. You did touch on it during a recent via the liability of an intoxicated person who left and walked home, and what is something happened to them I know that pretty much nationwide, BYOB or keeping a bottle in your locker is considered very normal protocol. I know here in Las Vegas, I’ve never had a problem with an open beer or bottle, and one shop regularly encourages guests to bring a bottle of wine and everyone orders boutique sandwiches from a nearby restaurant. But legally… good question.

  3. Tony S. Reply

    Oy, you guys are going to make to do RESEARCH for this??? =) I’ll address it in an upcoming blog/podcast! Thanks for the inquiries.

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