Tony’s Cohiba Diamante Capa Review

So, if you haven’t yet read Jason’s review of his own experience on the Cohiba Diamante Capa, you should do so here.

First of all, let me say their website leave quite a bit to be desired. I went there because I like to pull the marketing verbiage for the reader to take in the flavors the manufacturer believes we should taste. They had nothing. I even searched their site and nothing came back. Are they not proud of this stick?

Here’s what I pulled from the Famous Smoke website: “Cohiba Edición Diamante cigars spent nine years in the making, debuting in December, 2011. The Edición Diamante range uses Cameroon wrapper leaves from the exemplary 1980 harvest, complemented by a proprietary Dominican Piloto Cubano blend and Indonesian Jember binders. A fragrant aroma opens to a delightfully balanced smoke with nuances of cinnamon and toasted wood throughout. A crowning achievement for the blending masters at General Cigar, and for Benji Menendez, who oversaw the project.”

Let me give you a little background on this particular cigar: Jason said to me one day (I paraphrase), “This is the best cigar I’ve ever had!”. I asked him what he thought about it, how it compared to all the other cigars he’s enjoyed, etc. etc. He tells me it’s a stick he thinks I would enjoy and should try it someday…but there was one little point I may bristle at…the cigar is $25.00…for one…a simple 5×50 robusto. Alright, I figure if it’s “the best” Jason’s ever tried, it must be pretty darn good.

So…here are my impressions:

Appearance/Presentation: Holy cow, I’ve never seen a more elaborately presented cigar. First, it comes gift wrapped in heavy silver wrapping paper. Once you unwrap it (yeah, like a Christmas present), you find that you’re looking at wooden casket holding the cigar. You lift up the lid and it’s constructed in a way that causes the cigar to rise up out of the box. Elaborately spooky. Once you remove your stick from said box, you’ll note that it’s wrapped in its own cellphone plastic. I gently remove the cigar from its condom and notice two bands, one at the foot, the other usual band near the head. The cigar has a medium to dark brown in color wrapper, not uncommon for a Cameroon leaf. All in all, a very well (albeit pompous) presented cigar.

Cutting/Lighting/Burning: Zero problems. None. Used Jason’s V-cutted, it cut smooth and cleanly. Toasted the foot of the cigar, place the stick to my lips and it lit like a dream. From cutting to puffing was less than 20 seconds. A wonderful experience.

Construction: Ok, I”m not going to lie, I was a little concerned how well this was going to play out. Between being in a cellophane wrapper, in a wooded box, gift wrapped…how well could it hold a 70/70 status (click here if you don’t know what I’m talking about)? I felt the cigar from the head to the foot, it had a great, soft spongy feel to it, so I set my concerns a side! Once I was assured the cigar was fully lit, I sat back in my chair and slowly began to enjoy my second (ever) Cohiba. I have to say that a $25 smoke is certainly well constructed. It burned evenly, I never experienced any tightness nor looseness while smoking it. There was no canoeing to it. It never went out, not once, and trust me I slowly smoked this cigar. This cigar was really, really well made. Kudos to whomever rolled this particular box of smokes.

Taste: Alright, so here’s where Jason and I differ. This, sadly, wasn’t the best cigar I’ve ever smoked. It was nice, it was medium, it was nutty with a bit of spice. But it just wasn’t my thing. I admitted to Jason that I had to wonder if perhaps my palette wasn’t sophisticated enough to appreciate all its nuances. I’m not ashamed that I didn’t love it, but it’s not going to bump any particular cigar out of my Top 5 Favorites…or Top 10, for that matter. I thought it to be a earthy, there was some kick to it but I credit that to the Cameroon wrapper. Overall, I’d rate the taste of the cigar as a 6 on a scale of 1 -10.

Consistency: The cigar was consistent from beginning to end, I’ll give it that much. If you really liked the cigar, you’re going to get the same flavor/taste from your first puff to the last. I might have gotten a bit more acidic near the end but I’ve come to the realization that I grow weary of cigars about half way through. I just become bored. Part of me suspects it’s my un-diagnosed ADHD.

Conclusion: Was it the best cigar I’ve ever smoked? No. But I appreciate the fact that I was able to try a cigar which Jason has label the best cigar he’s ever had. Now I have something to compare his “best” against when I suggest a smoke for him to try. One observation I will make is that it did pack a little more punch than most of the mild cigars I smoke. I agreed with Jason that so long as I took it easy, allowed the cigar to rest between puffs, that I would be just fine and not get queezy. He was absolutely right. Granted, I stopped smoking it about 3/4 of the way through, it didn’t make me feel ill or nauseous.

While I wouldn’t smoke it (read: pay $25) again, I would give it a solid B. I’ve had a LOT worse for the same (well, near) price point.

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