VLO Gets an Upgrade!

As we approach our 100th podcast, we’ve invested in a new audio mixer to further improve the quality of our podcast. The new device provides us with more options to control the source and audio integrity of our inputs, as well as make it easier to add more microphones for guests or even for some planned Skype-based interviews in upcoming podcasts. We hope you’ll hear the difference; we’ll begin using it with podcast 97. (No. 96 is already in the bucket.)

Also — did you notice? Tony has taken on the herculean task of cataloging our published content into easy-to-use index pages. The Alcohol page is largely complete and the Cigar page has been started. We’ll get to the Gaming page soon.

We’re grateful for your support and interaction over these last two years. It really means a lot to us that people from all across the fruited plain are willing to call in, to leave Facebook/Google+ comments or leave a note on our blog.

What can we do to make your podcast/blog even better? Let us know!

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