Podcast 102: The Seedy Side of Vegas; Good Cigar Reviews; Progressing Into Scotch

Podcast 102, 1/20/13

  • Jason and Tony review the “seedy side” of Vegas — outright cheating, prostitution, drug use — in light of the recent controversy at The Palms.
  • Jason covers the ingredients of a good cigar review: What do you need to know from a reviewer to really benefit from his comments?
  • Jason and Tony help Sparkles (of Denton, Dallas and Beyond) learn about the best way to progress from “Scotch n00b” to “Ardbeg Aficianado.”

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 102: The Seedy Side of Vegas; Good Cigar Reviews; Progressing Into Scotch

  1. AccessVegas Reply

    Really enjoyed the walk-through on how to graduate into Scotch. As a confirmed American Whiskey drinker, it gave me a great place to start.

    I’m going to put aside the Glenlivet 12 I just bought and start in the proper way.

    “Over The Hump To Pahrump” is a saying that we’ve had here for a long time. Very cool to hear that your research found that: For those who need a visual of the drive, here it is:

    BTW, legendary radio broadcaster Art Bell used to do his show from Las Vegas, but lived in Pahrump. He made the trip daily.

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