Podcast 112: Craps 101; Davidoff Year of the Snake; Riesling Wine

Podcast 112, 3/31/13 … Happy Easter! In this action-packed podcast, Tony shares some basic bets at the craps table. Then Jason and Tony discuss their experiences with the Davidoff Year of the Snake cigar before riffing about Riesling wines. Can’t miss!

Click >> HERE << to download the MP3. (30:30)

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 112: Craps 101; Davidoff Year of the Snake; Riesling Wine

  1. AccessVegas Reply

    Great craps primer. I wish more people would learn to play and not be scared off because it is more complicated than pulling a lever. But, the camaraderie can’t be beat. Even at the blackjack table, you all have different hands but at craps, pretty much everybody has a line bet.

    Just to add a good rule of thumb for free odds (placing the odds bet behind the point):

    If you bet in increments of 10, you will ALWAYS get the true/even (no house edge) payback on your odds. You’ll get 6 to 5 (12 to 10) on the 6/8, 3 to 2 (15 to 10) on the 5/9, and 2 to 1 (double your money) on the 4/10.

    You will be shorted by placing an odds bet when the point is 5/9 if you do not place an even dollar number. For example, a $15 odds bet when the point is 5/9 would only pay $22 even though the correct payout is $22.50.

    But absolutely… the lowest pass line bet backed up with the greatest amount of odds gives the house the least amount of edge.

    • Jason Gillikin Reply

      Oooh, that’s an excellent point about betting strategy. Too bad they won’t toss a half-dollar your way, but it’s a great reminder about thinking before you bet!

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