Podcast 114: Common Mistakes in a Casino; Oliva Connecticut Reserve; Cain Daytona; Ice Wine

Podcast 114, 4/14/13 … After Jason’s cat falls off the table, Tony starts with some common mistakes people make on the casino floor, then Jason reviews the Cain Daytona cigar while Tony reviews the Oliva Connecticut Reserve. Then Jason shares some tidbits about ice wine before wrapping up with some odds and ends.

Click >> HERE << to download the MP3. (26 minutes)

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7 thoughts on “Podcast 114: Common Mistakes in a Casino; Oliva Connecticut Reserve; Cain Daytona; Ice Wine

  1. Mike Reply

    Just listened to the podcast. The Cain Daytona is good, but I love the F line. It’s stronger, but still very smooth. For the money, I think they’re the best cigar going right now.

    • Jason Gillikin Reply

      Good point, Mike – the F series are pretty tasty.

      • Mike Reply

        Any word on you guys heading over to southeastern Michigan for an on-location podcast?

        • Jason Gillikin Reply

          Oooh, good point, Mike.

          Tony, what do you think? We’re over-due for hitting SW MI, and I’d kinda like to hit the Detroit casinos before we do the interview we’ve been talking about with Ted.

          I’m thinking perhaps a day trip on a Saturday in June … give us some stuff to podcast about.

          • Mike

            As you know, you can smoke at the Detroit casinos. There’s also some great cigar bars in the suburbs — some with full food service. (There’s also a couple cigar bars in Detroit.)

          • Jason Gillikin

            We’ve been to Churchill’s in Southfield. Other than that … not much.

            For what it’s worth, we brought up a Detroit trek to our monthly cigar/cocktail group. Seems to be interest in a July visit to Detroit. Thinking about an all-day excursion on a Saturday. Visit one or two cigar lounges in the area, plus do a quick walk-through of the downtown casinos.

            We’re going to finalize scheduling plans in mid-June … will keep you posted!

          • Mike

            Sounds good. I recommend Churchills cigar bar/steakhouse in Birmingham, and Stix, a Downriver cigar bar in Southgate. Both well worth your time.
            In Southfield, nothing beats JR Cigar (really about the best cigar shop in the state). No lounge, though.

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