Podcast 122: Blackjack Card Counting; Cigar Retrohaling; Cigar Inspector’s Taste Wheel; Sazerac, Revisited; Shout-Outs

Podcast 122, 6/16/13 … Happy Father’s Day! In this episode:

  • Tony explains why he wants to learn how to count cards at Blackjack,
  • Jason covers retrohaling a cigar,
  • the Viceroys of Vice review Cigar Inspector’s Cigar Tasting Wheel,
  • Jason revisits the Sazerac,
  • Tony shares his love for Mark of 360Vegas as a lead-in to various shout-outs,
  • … and the closing segment is so long you get to hear the real end to our bumper music.

Click >> HERE << to download the MP3. 35:30, 33.3 MB.

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