Podcast … Err, Whoops.

So picture it. Tony arrives in Grand Rapids yesterday evening, eager to record a few more podcasts, but alas, Jason’s laptop is out for repair. But no problem, right? I have a Surface Pro, with Audacity already installed.

Here’s a bit of trivia for you. The digital jack on this particular tablet requires a three-band (not a two-band) TRRS 3.5-mm plug in order to record. Do you think that ANY RETAIL ESTABLISHMENT WHATSOEVER in the greater Grand Rapids area carries them? Nope. Not Best Buy, not Radio Shack, not even Office Max. Special order only, it seems.

So I have to order one, and it’ll arrive this week.

We contemplated recording anyway, using the on-board microphone on the Surface Pro, but the mic is so good that it really picks up echo. And ambient noise. Editing that would be like editing out the cursing and dick jokes on 360 Vegas: A task best reserved for prison inmates for whom not even The Hole is punishment enough. So to speak.

Thus, we decided to skip podcasting this week, so as to not give you substandard product. Instead, we went to Brewery Vivant for a few beer flights and a tasty, tasty cheese platter.

See all y’alls next week, for the next installment of podcasting excellence.

2 thoughts on “Podcast … Err, Whoops.

  1. AccessVegas Reply

    LOL: Editing that would be like editing out the cursing and dick jokes on 360 Vegas…

    You deserve a week off. Checked out the menu for the pub. Nice!

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