Podcast 130: Detroit Casino Extravaganza

Podcast 130, 8/11/13 … In this travelogue episode, Jason and Tony (with Alaric and Degenerate Johnny) trek to Beirut-upon-Ontario — the city of Detroit — for a reconnoiter of the Greektown, Motor City and MGM Grand Detroit casinos. Augmented, of course, by a trip to a cigar lounge in Southfield.

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5 thoughts on “Podcast 130: Detroit Casino Extravaganza

  1. Mike Reply

    Are you sure you guys went to the Churchills in Southfield (12 Mile and Telegraph), or was it the one in West Bloomfield on Orchard Lake Road? I didn’t know the Southfield location was certified as a cigar bar. (The W. Bloomfield location is a cigar bar and the Birmingham location is a cigar bistro/restaurant.)

    • Jason Gillikin Reply

      Uhhhh … maybe. Tony was driving, so I’m not exactly sure where we were. 🙂

    • Tony Snyder Reply

      Sorry for the delay in responding to this post. I just saw it. To be clear, we went to the Churchills of West Bloomfield on Orchard Lake Rd.

      • Mike Reply

        That’s what I figured. If you guys ever come down here again, go to the Churchill’s Cigar Bistro in Birmingham. It’s a full-fledged steakhouse with unrestricted smoking and amazing food. There’s nothing else like it in the state.

        • Jason Gillikin Reply

          I suspect that it won’t be a problem for us to take your advice. 🙂

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