Podcast 131: Blackjack Counting & Strategy Revisited; Davidoff Nicaragua Toro; Highlands Malt Taste Comparison

Podcast 131, 8/18/13 … After revisiting basic strategy and card counting, thanks to a call from Ted, Jason and Tony review the Davidoff Nicaragua toro then embark upon a taste comparison of two high-quality Highlands malts — The Dalmore King Alexander III and Glenmorangie Ealanta.

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1 thought on “Podcast 131: Blackjack Counting & Strategy Revisited; Davidoff Nicaragua Toro; Highlands Malt Taste Comparison

  1. AccessVegas Reply

    Happy to contribute! Thought you did a stupendous job at breaking down my thoughts. In reflection, I probably put an entire blackjack seminar worth of thoughts into the call. (Future seminars will be $995 and will be held at the Evil Knievil suite at the Maxim. Ooops, it isn’t the 90’s anymore, and those are Vegas 90’s references).

    Interesting comparison of the Davidoff to the Undercrown. My thinking is that Davidoff is trying to create a “gateway” cigar. I adore the Undercrown, but if you give the regular Davidoff or Ashton Classic smoker one, they will feel it is too much.

    Also, Davidoff ages their cigars big-time. Take your usual Nicaraguan and give it some excessive age and it tones down a bit.

    They have created an Undercrown for their “tribe” who wants to press the boundaries. But… be interesting to see how many regular Davidoff clients move over to their new concept.

    All of the above is conjecture, but makes for the interesting tidbits of thought that your show inspires.

    Comparing ultra-premium scotch to very nice cognac gave me — as a listener — a great jumping off point of understanding. You can drink a great cognac which is 80 proof and experience only sweetness and flavor. No burn. You can drink Jack Daniels or Jim Beam, and feel a fair-to-heavy amount of burn. Yet, both have the same amount of alcohol content.

    I realize that I’m over-simplifying, but the analogy you used really hit home.

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