Podcast 133: A Swing and a Miss: Blackjack Hand Interaction; Camacho Cigars; Blackberry Whiskey

Podcast 133, 9/1/13 … “A Swing and a Miss.” Tony shares some ways to get advantage at the Blackjack table through hand interaction, then Jason and Tony talk about things they don’t like. Namely, Camacho cigars and Canadian Club Dock 57 “blackberry” whiskey.

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 133: A Swing and a Miss: Blackjack Hand Interaction; Camacho Cigars; Blackberry Whiskey

  1. AccessVegas Reply

    (In my best Tony Snyder voice): “I LOVED this episode”.

    While I also am in the business of trying to find good stuff to share, every once in a while it is refreshing to say “Look… we tried this… it sucked”. I would not shy away from doing this from time-to-time. You guys were able to diss on something without sounding snarky/snotty (like you just had hate to let out). Some of the comments had me laughing out loud as you deadpanned stuff.

    Canadian Club is my go-to cheap stuff. But ya… I don’t want fruity flavors in it. I completely understand people wanting some infused spirits in various categories. I understand that Scotch is purposely made to have nuances of flavors. But don’t pour blackberry syrup in my CC!

    The segment on buying or playing others hands was great. I’m familiar with it, but many/most don’t think about it. The attorney vs. Ethicist was superb. Not something for every episode but when it happens, the discourse is a very good listen.

    Here’s one to add:

    If I’m sitting at 3’rd base and I have a lousy hand and I’m going to do something according to the book but that many amateur players would not do (and something that could “take the dealers bust card”), I will announce that I’m going to hit and anyone who wants to buy the hand off of me is welcome to.

    IE, if you are smarter than I am, just buy the hand and stand on it so we won’t “take the dealers bust card”.

    At that point if no one does, they have no room to bitch. (Not that I ever let it bother me). Also, someone may have more money on the table then I do. And they may want to buy me off to insure that I don’t “wreck” their bigger-money hand.

    PS Was enjoying a RP 50’th. Really nice, flavorful med-full. Not so much for Tony, but something Jason may want to look into.

    • Tony Snyder Reply

      Ted, thanks for the kind words! I’m not going to lie: I’m glad we had a “I don’t like this podcast”. We didn’t do it intentionally, we just fell into a cigar/scotch we didn’t care for. We were going to podcast on them anyway, it was just “dumb luck” we happened to not like both of them in the same episode.

      As for your 3rd base offer to sell your hand, what a beautiful idea. Particularly when you take into account that someone might have a substantially larger bet out than you! Absolutely great idea. Plus, it gets you your money back on an otherwise poor hand, should someone bite at the chance. Thanks for that idea!

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