Podcast 139: Casino Markers; Cigars in Downtown Las Vegas; Kilchoman Machir Bay Scotch

Podcast 139, 10/13/13 … Tony shares some legal-beagle wisdom about the enforceability of casino markers, then Jason and Tony discuss your options for finding premium hand-rolled cigars in downtown Las Vegas. That discussion having run its course, Jason inflicts a peatier Scotch — the Kilchoman Machir Bay — upon poor, poor Tony. The Viceroys of Vice wrap up with casual conversation.

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7 thoughts on “Podcast 139: Casino Markers; Cigars in Downtown Las Vegas; Kilchoman Machir Bay Scotch

  1. AccessVegas Reply

    Behind on shows due to life.

    Herfing donations… love it!

    Very polite way to talk about scamster shops.

    Chicago Brewing Company is such a best-kept secret in Four Queens. We may have to sneak you out to Skinny Dugan’s (7 minutes from downtown) for one stick, same owners, same cigar friendliness, even better food.

    Been friends of the Don Vicente store for years. The real deal. Vicente is Cuban and makes an amazing stick. Hope you guys made it there. Plus, pretty much across the street from Pawn Stars. Which I would have caught this one before you headed out.

    Lunch at Chicago Joe’s then a cigar at Vince’s (Vicente), you can’t go wrong. Plus, a fair number of movers and shakers frequent the place.

    Looking forward to getting caught up on episodes!

    • Tony Snyder Reply

      Ted, we continue to relish the “insider” vibe you can bring to us die hard Vegas wannabes!! It looks like our next trip out to Vegas will likely be for my wife’s XXth birthday! 5 nights downtown at The D and we may have to rent a car just to check out Skinny Dugan’s and Chicago Joe’s place!

      • AccessVegas Reply

        Skinny’s is a local bar. Kind of…

        Imagine if your local bar had an 8 screen cigar lounge attached, 24/7 on-site restaurant where nearly everything is made from scratch for reasonable prices (you’ll want to drink their ranch dressing… almost), and 30+ bar-top gaming devices. And allows cigars smoking to your hearts content (except in the dedicated dining room, but you can eat anywhere on the property including the cigar lounge or bar).

        Pics and menu at


        As with any local bar, sometimes it is hopping and sometimes it is more quiet.

        Since it is only about 2 minutes from Casa de Newkirk, perhaps a drink and a bite and a robusto would be in order so you can say you’ve done a true Las Vegas style cigar bar and grill. Then we can send you back on your way the quick couple of miles back to downtown!

        Warning to all: The more you get out and explore what is available to us locals — both in the locals casinos and 24/7 smoker-friendly bar and grills that often serve great food — the more that “wonder if I should move to Vegas” itch will grow!

    • Sean Blair Reply

      Chicago Brewing Company is my favorite place to eat, drink, and smoke downtown.

      • Jason Gillikin Reply

        We had a great time there … as I recall, I drank my fill of premium microbrew, enjoyed nachos and played VP at the bar (with a cigar!) for like three hours. And the best part, at the end, I ended up leaving $80 richer!

  2. Sean Blair Reply

    Years ago, a friend and I bought cigars at a cart on Fremont Street. We got 20 feet away and then got cursed at by a woman walking by who doesn’t have a cigar appreciation. Haters never prosper.

    • Jason Gillikin Reply

      Did you blow smoke in her face? 🙂

      Yeah, there are a lot of folks out there who have very little respect for premium hand-rolled cigars. Their loss, I guess, but the best we can do is smile and not get too nasty with them.

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