Podcast 147: A Trip to Windsor; Jinuwine Royal Oak; Thanksgiving Punch Revisited

Podcast 147, 12/8/13 … Jason and Tony outline some of the basics of an upcoming trip to Windsor (have you booked your tix yet?), including a possible visit to Detroit-area casinos and cigar lounges. Jason reviews the new Jinuwine store in Royal Oak before they address Jamie’s call about Jason’s Thanksgiving Punch Bowl recipe. Tony wraps up with some shout-outs.

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8 thoughts on “Podcast 147: A Trip to Windsor; Jinuwine Royal Oak; Thanksgiving Punch Revisited

  1. Mike Reply

    I am a little behind on podcasts, but when are you guys hitting the Detroit area again?

    • Jason Gillikin Reply

      Feb. 20/21/22/23, with Roux from Texas. A night in Windsor, two nights in the Detroit/Toledo area. Including visits to Detroit-area cigar lounges … will you be joining us? (*nudge, nudge*)

  2. Mike Reply

    Hmm… I think I might actually be in Vegas (!) then for work. I will have to check. I will at least give you some places to hit if I can’t join you.

  3. Mike Reply

    BTW, Ontario looks like it’s going to ban smoking on unenclosed patios sometime in the next year or so. They don’t technically allow food/beverage consumption in the Windsor casino smoking cages, and the only patio bar that allows smoking (for now) at the casino is not enclosed.

    And I am a fan of the Keg. The do have a few US locations in the Pacific Northwest.

    I recommend the Casa del Habano on Oulette Street — it’s the officially licensed retailer. But take them back to Detroit (at your own risk) if you want to smoke them in comfort.

    • Jason Gillikin Reply

      Oh, great. More smoking bans. Sheesh.

      The Keg is good? Cool. Yeah, Casa del Habano … that’s where we went last time.

      — JEG

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