Podcast 150: Predictions for 2014

Podcast 150, 12/29/13 … Jason and Tony continue their three-year-old tradition of inaugurating the new year with a review of their predictions for the casino gaming, premium cigar and adult beverage industries. A longer-than-normal show. Happy new year!

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 150: Predictions for 2014

  1. Mike Reply

    Regarding the FDA’s proposed cigar regulations, not that I am a proponent of the FDA adding this to its oversight, but many of the “proposals” you guys mentioned are worst-case scenarios that regulation opponents have bandied about. The FDA has not said much about what they are considering. They have not said they are preparing to ban certain sizes, shapes or walk-in humidors.

    Most of these ideas are a mix of regulations that currently apply to cigarettes combined with rules in place in Canada, Australia and other countries with strict tobacco laws.

    I did read a comment from the guy who heads the FDA’s tobacco section saying they have gotten the message that perhaps premium cigars are different from flavored machine-made ones.

    If I made Acid cigars, I’d be a little worried, but otherwise I don’t think much with change, except perhaps a small tax increase to fund the FDA’s oversight.

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