Podcast 157: ViceBusters!

Podcast 157, 2/16/14 … Fact or fiction? Jason and Tony review common myths regarding casino gaming, premium cigars and fine adult beverages to help you better understand the truth behind your favorite vices.

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7 thoughts on “Podcast 157: ViceBusters!

  1. Mike Reply

    Are you guys still coming to Detroit soon? Just wanted to check, although I may not be able to join you.

    • Jason Gillikin Reply

      Yes … this week, actually! Sorry, I had mentioned it on the show a few episodes ago but I think I forgot to tell you explicitly. We’re doing Windsor Thu, Detroit Fri/Sat and Toledo Sat.

      • Mike Reply

        Damn. Due to some family stuff, I doubt I can join you. Do go to Churchills Cigar Bistro in Birmingham (not the Southfield or W. Bloomfield locations). Birmingham is the licensed cigar bar with full smoking and a steakhouse menu.

        • Jason Gillikin Reply

          We will do Churchills in Birmingham. You know, given we’re only a few hours apart, I’m sure we can make it work eventually. 🙂

          • Mike

            Bring your credit card. It’s pricey, but the steaks and cigar selection are awesome.

            If you head down to Hollywood Toledo Casino via i-75, (but it’s nonsmoking so why bother?), check out Stix Martini and Cigars in Southgate. Fantastic place. Wood paneling and leather chairs, generous pours and much cheaper prices than Birmingham.

          • Jason Gillikin

            Excellent. Tony wants to see Hollywood, so … we’re going. 🙂 Stix Martini and Cigars … I like the sound of it already.

  2. Mike Reply

    Regarding the podcast and controlling the dice at craps.. the fact that casinos allow these dice “teachers” to hold “classes” at the casino tells you how little they think of these techniques. (Presuming the dice hit the back wall, of course.)

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