Podcast 159: Gaming Lessons from SE Michigan; Partagas Homage Benji 62; Dark & Stormy

Podcast 159, 3/2/14 … Jason and Tony review the lessons they learned from last week’s swing through the Southeast Michigan casino market, then Jason reviews the Partagas Homage Benji 62 (toro) cigar. Jason teaches Tony about butane burping. The Archdukes of Alcohol sip a Dark & Stormy cocktail while Tony shares some other uses of dark rum. Good times, good times.

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3 thoughts on “Podcast 159: Gaming Lessons from SE Michigan; Partagas Homage Benji 62; Dark & Stormy

  1. Mike Reply

    Tony, I agree with your pecking order arrangements. In fact, like I have said before, I really don’t play much at the Detroit casinos because the minimums are too high and most of the VP machines have poor payback tables.

    I prefer to save my money for Vegas or other locales– even Soaring Eagle has full-pay VP at their bar-top machines.

    You mentioned MGM Detroit’s room rates in an earlier podcast. MGM officials have said they are not interested in discounting their rooms. I believe they make enough off the casino floor that they don’t need to fill the rooms and therefore keep them at $250/night pretty much year-round.

    The hotels were part of the agreement to get the gaming licenses back in the late 1990s.

    • Tony Snyder Reply

      I really don’t blame you for not playing in Detroit all that often. I really was amazed at the number of $10-$15 Blackjack tables where they had either/both continuous shuffle machines/6:5 blackjack payouts.
      I agree that Soaring Eagle *is* the place to go to get full pay VP, and at the bar, no less! When my wife and I go up there and get a hotel room, we’ll sit and get blasted off their (fairly) inexpensive beer while playing some full pay Bonus Poker. But, ultimately, my wife and I agree with your philosophy of just saving our pennies for Vegas. We’d rather go to Vegas every 6 months than to nickle & dime ourselves every month at Soaring Eagle/Firekeepers.
      Speaking of Firekeepers, do you ever make it over toward the Battle Creek area? We should try and set-up a smoke/drink/gamble play date in that area sometime!!

      • Mike Reply

        I was just at Soaring Eagle a few weeks ago for the first time in a couple years. They had $1.25 draft beers (next best thing to free!) and a 2-1 deal on the buffet. Me and the wife were quite pleased.

        I have only been to Firekeepers once, about 6 months ago. I liked it for what it is.

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