Podcast 160: Upcoming Vegas Trip; Nicaraguan Tobacco; Beer Flights

Podcast 160, 3/9/14 … Jason and Tony preview their upcoming trip to The Happiest Place on Earth. Then the Czars of Cigars share some basic trivia about Nicaraguan tobacco before pontificating about the tasty, tasty benefits of beer flights.

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9 thoughts on “Podcast 160: Upcoming Vegas Trip; Nicaraguan Tobacco; Beer Flights

  1. Mike Reply

    Enjoy the beers at Triple 7. I was just in Vegas last week for work and some time celebrating my friend’s 40th birthday. Love the Black Chip Porter.

    • Jason Gillikin Reply

      I’ll try it; I do loves me some good porter. And since I’m staying at MSS for three nights, I have no excuse not to hit Triple 7.

      • Mike Reply

        The beers are currently $1.75 24-7 at the VP bar in the back. The 777 restaurant has a happy hour with more taps but otherwise they’re more expensive in the restaurant.

    • Tony Reply

      This has most definitely make it onto the Tony Snyder’s Clip Board of Fun! I can’t WAIT to get bombed there!

  2. Mike Reply

    My Vegas steakhouse experiences are limited, but I am a fan of Circus-Circus’ the Steakhouse (and that is the only thing I am a fan of at that casino).

    The best cheap steak deal (really, it’s very good for the money) is the $8.99 steak special at Ellis Island, a locals casino off Koval Ave. behind Ballys. The price used to be $6 and it now requires you join the slot club and put a buck in a machine, but it’s still great. You get a 10-ounce filet, vegetable, potato, soup/salad, bread and a 20-ounce house-made beer or root beer.

    Highly recommended.

    • Jason Gillikin Reply

      I’ve never dined at Ellis Island … I’ll have to add it to my list of to-dos.

    • Tony Reply

      I’ve heard good things about this meal, as well, Mike. We tried going there one time and the waitress was BEYOND clueless when I asked about the steak dinner. So we walked out. To be clear, it’s not on the menu, am I correct?

      • Mike Reply

        No, not on the menu but there are plaques all over the place for its numerous Best of Las Vegas awards from the Review-Journal newspaper. It’s not a secret on any level. I can’t believe a worker didn’t know about it. It’s been on the Travel Channel!

        Everything in that restaurant is pretty cheap and tasty. They also have a ribs restaurant that locals love but I haven’t tried it.

        And 20-ounce beers from the casino bar are around $2 (sometimes as low as $1, especially during sporting events). The beer is much better at Main Street, but can’t complain for the price.

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