Podcast 163: Vegas Vacation Recap, Part I

Podcast 163, 3/30/14 … Jason and Tony share the details of the first half of their March 2014 vacation in fabulous downtown Las Vegas, Nevada!

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 163: Vegas Vacation Recap, Part I

  1. Mike Reply

    Tony, while I sympathize with you regarding people that abuse carry-on luggage policies, as a pretty frequent flier, it pisses me off that Spirit makes me pay for the “privilege” of schlepping my own bag. Unless I am packing a suit or a week’s worth of clothes, I prefer to carry on my bags.

    And until a few years ago, McCarran had the worst luggage claim of any airports I had flown through. 40-minute waits used to be common.

    • Tony Snyder Reply

      Mike, I don’t begrudge you the ability to carry-on your luggage. What I have a problem with is when I see people carrying on 2-3 bags so they can get around the checked luggage fee. If airlines would go back to working the price of the ticket to include one free checked bag per person, the overhead wouldn’t be so crowded, we wouldn’t have to wait longer for people to get their bags in/out of the overhead and/or get “free” checked luggage because the overhead was full. But, more so, if the airlines would simply allow people who do not have checked luggage to get on/off the plane first, I think I’d have even less of an issue with carry on luggage…maybe! 😉

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