When You Just Need a Cigar … Gar by George Rico

Picture it, dear reader. I’m sitting at Grand River Cigar, minding my own business. I have an index card of various tasks I want to accomplish today. And I’ve made good progress, for once. But as I sat down to write and catch up on emails, I needed a stogie to keep me company.

For the exorbitant price of $5, I grabbed a Gar. This 7×70 stick (yes, you read that right) is a “big” smoke, but it’s not all that remarkable. It canoed a bit, as huge cigars are wont to do, but the flavor was solid, if mundane. For all that tobacco, it’s powerful without being harsh and tastes a bit like cedar. Yet this probably isn’t a cigar you’d buy just for the flavor.

It’s a good cigar for those times you want a stick but you’re not “smoking a cigar,” you’re just working while a cigar keeps you company.

For the price and the size, you can’t beat it.

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