Podcast 167: Hit or Stand on Hard 16?; Cigars and the Ladies; Blueberry Rum Smash

Podcast 167, 4/27/14 … Jason and Tony review what the math says about the right Blackjack betting strategy when you’ve got a hard 16 against a dealer’s seven or higher. Then your beloved Czars of Cigars riff on Sparkles’s cigar etiquette tips for the ladies. Tony serves Jason a tasty, tasty blueberry rum smash.

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 167: Hit or Stand on Hard 16?; Cigars and the Ladies; Blueberry Rum Smash

  1. skyyontherocks Reply

    Love the show guys. If you set aside my annoying habit of playing the stupid side bets at BJ, I would consider myself in agreement with you for the following:
    1) It is not proper to critique other’s play at a table.
    2) If the player has a hard 16, always hit when the dealer shows a 7

    However, I have subscribed to a different opinion since 1981 on what to do with a hard 16 against a dealer showing a 10. In Scarne’s Complete Guide to Gambling (copy write 1961 – 1971 page 376-377), John Scarne states that “It is to a player’s advantage to stand on 16 when the dealer shows a 10 count as his upcard.” This is the only variance I see to the basic strategy that is being used today. Scarne’s notion is based on the assumption that the dealer must check the hole card to see if it is an ace when the dealer shows a 10 as an up-card. I wonder if the win and loss counts in your calculation dismiss the ace in the hole. The ace can’t be viewed as a viable issue when deciding on whether to hit or not since an ace in the hole effectively ends the game and therefore the decision does not exist. This of course depends on whether or not they still check the hole card when they have a 10 spot. They did when I started playing in the early 80’s and then I noticed the shift towards the strategy of hitting 16 against a 10. Your math may still be correct, and if so, I bow to your knowledge but will still bet with the strategy that has been ingrained since the early days of my Vegas experience. You have more “experts” on your side of this argument, but all can agree that this scenario is one of the more difficult ones to come to grips with. I am delighted that we agree on the hitting of 16 against a 7. So delighted that I can’t wait to belly up to a BJ table with you guys in LV sometime soon; preferably one where they have Royal Match.

    • Tony Snyder Reply

      Fair points, Rob. I suppose we should keep track of how we do (you standing, me hitting on 16 v 10s) during VIMFP! At the end of the day, it won’t really matter who does better, after all, it’s a mere blip of an occurrence when you consider the grand scheme of millions of hands of Blackjack that need to be played. But that said, it’ll be fun to see who fairs better that weekend!

      Oh, and the first Royal Match bet, is on me! 😉

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