Top 12 Signs Your Bartenders Know What They’re Doing–Part 2

So yesterday I gave you 1-6, now I’ll give you 7-12!


7.Actually “Tends” The Bar–There is nothing worse than when you approach the bar and there are emply glasses and soiled napkins from patrons that have come and gone. I appreciate when the bartender is quick to clear away my empty mug and replaces it with a fresh, frothy new beer. But please dry up the bar area when you overflow the beer and it spills all over. Equally, if the bartender has a few minutes, I appreciate when he’s cutting up more limes for future drinks or replaces the ice in the ice chest. That tending to the bar is a classy touch for the patron to get to see.

8.Moves Around The Bar–This goes along with the idea of chatting with the bar patrons. You need to move around to be able to chat with your customers. If you’re in one place, and it’s not in front of me, then you’re not available to take my order. A good bartender will move from one end of the bar to the other making sure that everyone that needs another drink, gets another drink. I shouldn’t have to flag you down and get your attention because I want another adult beverage. I respect the mobile bartender.

9.Respects Bartender-Patron Confidentiality–We get to know our bartenders. Sometimes when we’re crying in our proverbial beer, we may tell the bartender something we wouldn’t tell our best friend. That needs to be kept private and a good bartender won’t repeat the information he hears. I can only imagine the sorts of stories bartenders in Washington D.C. hear every night!

10.Runs Interference–So let’s say you’re an attractive female at the bar and a guy wants to buy you a drink. But let’s suppose you don’t want a drink from this individual for whatever your reason (you’re married/dating, you don’t want to feel beholden to the guy, etc.), a good bartender will first ask the female if she wants the drink from the guy to ensure she’s not put in an akward situation. Likewise, if the guy starts hinting on the girl, the bartender should pay attention to her body language, or even straight up ask her if she’s okay with the attention from the other patron. If there’s any indication she’s not okay with it, he needs to get involved.

11.Handles The Situation–Look, some people are the “fun drunks”. There are “Angry Drunks” and “Sad Drunks”. A good bartender needs to be able to handle the situation and de-escalate it as quickly as possible. If your bar gets to be known as the place where a fight always breaks out on Saturday night, you’re not going to be in business for very long. Most of the time it’s something as simple as the bartender telling the loud patrons to relax. But if that doesn’t do the trick, and this establishment doesn’t have a bouncer on staff, the bartender is that person and they need to kick the people out.

12.Remembers Who Signs His Paycheck–Finally, and this is most important of all, they need to remember who signs their paychecks. At the end of the day, it is their responsibility to enforce the bar owner’s policy. While it might be unpopular, the bartender has to do it. This is why one might see a two Long Island limit per patron because of the massive amount of alcohol or it could be that drinks the patron doesn’t like isn’t comped off their bill. But “He who’s got the gold, makes the rules”. You as a patron can always find an alternative bar to frequent if you don’t like the house rules. Don’t take it out on the bartenders.

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