Podcast 168: Gambling in a Foreign Currency; Romeo Y Julieta Reserve Toro; Aperol Grape Smash; Louisville!

Podcast 168, 5/4/14 … Jason and Tony discuss the logistics of gambling in a foreign currency before riffing about their experience with a Romeo Y Julieta Reserve Toro. Then Tony made us an Aperol Grape Smash … mmm, smash. Tony’s birthday is coming up, so all y’alls are invited to Louisville over Memorial Day weekend to celebrate. Editing note: There are static artifacts in the original audio from roughly 1:16 to 6:15; we apologize for the degraded listening experience.

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5 thoughts on “Podcast 168: Gambling in a Foreign Currency; Romeo Y Julieta Reserve Toro; Aperol Grape Smash; Louisville!

  1. Mike Reply

    I generally prefer cigars with a ring gauge 50 or below. I will smoke a 52 and have had up to a 56, but at that size, unless it is boxed pressed, doesn’t feel good in my hands or mouth.

  2. Jason Gillikin Reply

    I really don’t like the super-thick ones either. I had a 6×60 recently that was more trouble than it was worth, just from a “managing the cigar” perspective. For me, the ideal vitola is a churchill. I’ve had gigantes before and … meh.

    • Mike Reply

      Churchill… that’s a pretty long cigar. I like them, but rarely have time for them these days. A corona extra or toro (6 by 46 to 50) is right for me.

      • Jason Gillikin Reply

        Most of my cigar time is spent reading the news on my tablet. I have, on any given night, about 1,200 headlines to parse across dozens of news sources. I obviously don’t read them all, but I usually spend roughly 90 minutes a night just reading and enjoying a cigar and cocktail.

        • Mike Reply

          The other problem with those 60-ring gauge smokes is they can go out pretty quickly since they smoke so cool.

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