Podcast 172: SCOTUS and Bay Mills; Tony’s Trip to Atlantic City

Podcast 172, 6/1/14 … Jason and Tony discuss this week’s ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court in Michigan’s struggle to stop the Bay Mills Indians from building an off-reservation casino, then Tony gives a trip report about his birthday trek to Atlantic City.

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3 thoughts on “Podcast 172: SCOTUS and Bay Mills; Tony’s Trip to Atlantic City

  1. Mike Reply

    I haven’t been to Atlantic City in 12 years, but I recall it as reminding me of Detroit with a shiny boardwalk full of casinos surrounded by a lot of poverty and squalor. I hear the beach bars are nice, though.

    When I was there, the tables had higher minimums than Detroit’s casinos, so I didn’t play much.

    Tony, did you have any cigars while there? How did it work with the 25% smoking area rules on the gambling floor? AC came close to banning smoking about 5 years ago.

    • Tony Snyder Reply


      A/C is Detroit, Jr. We didn’t venture off the Boardwalk, but got to see a lot of AC while on the Jitney.

      I had no problem with cigars, because the 25% is probably closer to 50%-60% of the casino…or so it felt. Especially because of there was plenty of Video Poker around and in the smoking areas.

      One delightfully ironic aspect is that you can have smoking on one sign of a walkway/aisle and then have non-smoking on the other side. As if this mythical wall stops the smoke from wafting across a 3 foot aisle.

      • Mike Reply

        Just like restaurant non-smoking sections.

        I have read that the non-smoking sections are not well defined, understood or obeyed.

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