Podcast 173: Non-Gambling Vegas Fun; Why Do We Come Back to the Same Cigars?; Texas Beers!

Podcast 173, 6/8/14… In this unedited, uncut podcast, Jason and Tony talk about fun things to do in Las Vegas that don’t require editing, then they riff on why they keep going back to the same cigars. Then, we review several of the Denton/Dallas beers of note, kindly shipped to us by our friends at Denton, Dallas & Beyond.

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8 thoughts on “Podcast 173: Non-Gambling Vegas Fun; Why Do We Come Back to the Same Cigars?; Texas Beers!

  1. Mike Reply

    I love the mob museum. Only visited once, but spent 2 hours there and easily could have done another hour.

    I have always wanted to tour the neon museum, but do not have a car when I am in Vegas. How much is the cab fare over, would you guess?

    • Jason Gillikin Reply

      If you’re starting from FSE, probably not bad. We did the walk from roughly Downtown Grand to the Neon Museum in about 20 minutes or so, but it wasn’t necessarily an advisable solution given the neighborhood and the interstates. Probably $15, but you’d need to get reservations far in advance – no walk-ups generally accepted unless a tour block isn’t full.

      • Mike Reply

        What’s considered “far in advance”? A week? Three days? More? last time I checked a few years ago, they didn’t have any public access, so I am glad to hear I might see it.

        • Jason Gillikin Reply

          Depends on the season. You could do a day. Some people online have suggested a week is more appropriate during prime tourist season.

        • Jason Gillikin Reply

          Depends, apparently, on the season — sometimes same day, sometimes a few days notice. Not more than a week, last I had heard.

  2. Mike Reply

    I believe prostitution is also illegal in Washoe County, where the cities of Reno and Sparks are located. Basically, cathouses are legal everywhere in Nevada except the 2 counties with most of the state’s population.

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