Podcast 179: Atlantic City Woes; CAO Flathead + Helping Noobs; New Holland Beer Barrel Bourbon

Podcast 179, 7/20/14 … Jason and Tony discuss the challenges in the Atlantic City casino market before tying it back to whether downtown Las Vegas has jumped the shark. Then Edwin calls in with ideas about the CAO Flathead. Jason and Tony briefly riff on ways to help smoking n00bz figure out what they can tolerate. And did you know that bourbon plus beer equals bliss? Jason and Tony review the New Holland Beer Barrel Bourbon. Mmmm.

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1 thought on “Podcast 179: Atlantic City Woes; CAO Flathead + Helping Noobs; New Holland Beer Barrel Bourbon

  1. Mike Reply

    Jason, I have to agree with Tony that downtown still offers a better gambling deal, although they were better years ago.

    Downtown still offers cheaper food and drink, and full-pay BJ and VP. And rooms are still much cheaper, even at nice places such as the Golden Nugget.

    Downtown will always be a batter value than the Strip, even if it ends up much more expensive than it is now.

    Even if Fremont East ends up like AC, it is still on the upswing and has years to go until it peaks and falls. Just 3 years ago, it was still a mostly sketchy walk to the El Cortez and the Western if you were adventurous.

    If a handful of tattooed and handlebar moustache-sporting hipsters are needed to keep improving Fremont East, I’ll take it. I used to live near Ferndale, Mich., the hipster headquarters of southeastern Michigan.

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