Podcast 197: Maximizing Your Buffet Dollar; Patel Family Mini Cigar Reviews; Ales and Lagers

Podcast 197, 11/23/14 … Jason and Tony share strategies for maximizing the value of your dollar at the casino boo-fay. Jason reviews the Nimmy D and NP Bold cigars. Then, ostensibly on a tour of ales and lagers, Tony opines about all the beers styles he doesn’t like.

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12 thoughts on “Podcast 197: Maximizing Your Buffet Dollar; Patel Family Mini Cigar Reviews; Ales and Lagers

  1. Mike Reply

    I play at Main Street Station a lot, mostly $5 blackjack and have not found their comps apart from the tasty beer to be easy to get. Their buffet is an excellent value, and card holders get several dollars off, but I have not been able to score a buffet pass.

    BTW, do you guys still respond to comments?

      • Mike Reply

        As in a line pass (not a free buffet)? No, although I have considered it. Caesars and Bellagio are the only ones I’ve really wished I had one, and I don’t play tables there (too price).

        BTW, I am going to Vegas for work next week! πŸ™‚

        • Jason Reply

          Oh, what a difficult life you lead, having to go to Vegas for “work.” πŸ™‚ Well, since you’ll be there, why not ask for a line pass and for a free buffet? And for a steakhouse comp? See what happens?

          • Mike

            They fed me too well at this conference to get a chance to visit most of my favorite eateries.

          • Jason Gillikin

            Really? Geez. At my professional conferences, we’re lucky to get muffins and fruit slices. I must be in the wrong industry. πŸ™‚

          • Mike

            I’m in the trade press. As an ethics consultant, you may not like it, but this company fed the press very well. πŸ™‚

          • Jason Gillikin

            Oh, the only part that I don’t like is that the benficiary isn’t me. πŸ™‚

          • Mike

            The nightly free food and booze fests didn’t hurt (at least not until later). πŸ™‚

          • Jason Gillikin

            The only thing I don’t like about it is that I’m not in the trade press, haha.

    • Tony Snyder Reply

      Mike, I’ve found the pit critters to be more than willing to offer up comped buffets, although to be perfectly honest, I’ve never tried MSS. That said, the worst that will happen is they’ll very politely decline your request. If you play for 4+ hours, tip the dealers, maybe make a larger sized bet when the pitboss comes over to check/rate everyone’s play, almost always can you get a free buffet…especially at local joints like MSS. If it were Wynn, Bellagio, or the casino that shall never be named on VLO, then it might be a different story since we’re talking a minimum $25 for even the breakfast buffet cost. But at MSS where they value the low rollers who make that place their frequent “Go To” I sincerely believe you’re not going to get any second guessing from the pit crew for a free buffet. Again, the key is either 4+ hours or play or a higher level of play (ie. not the minimum $5 bet), you might need 2+ hours at $15. That’s if you’re playing table games. If you’re playing Video Poker, 4+ hours at quarters or 2+ at 0.50/$1 will be necessary.

      Ultimately, ask the pitboss at the tables or for a slot host if playing slots/VP. Let them know you’re looking to take a short break to go eat and you want to come back after breakfast/lunch/dinner for more play. Could they help you out with a buffet comp. If the answer is no, ask them how much more play time they’re looking for, 99.9% of the time, you’re going to get a pat answer of, “oh, probably another hour should do it”. Maybe game the system by asking 2 hours in, hoping for the comp then or in the alternative, in an hour–thus saving you an hours worth of play!

      • Mike Reply

        I didn’t have a chance to hit any buffets while in Vegas or try your suggestions this ttrip, although I am familiar with several of them. I do try to up the bet slightly when the pit boss is around to get rated at a higher level of play.

        I could have swore once that a MSS dealer told me you had to play $10/hand to get rated, but they often take my card, write down my buy-in, return it and do not even stay around to see what I bet per hand.

        I have played at MSS and the California many times, usually not asking for a comp. The 1-2 times I did request something, they sent me to the players booth, where they said I didn’t have enough activity.

        To be fair, it’s rare that I will stay at one table for 4 hours, but 2 hours in the casino at different tables/games is not unusual.

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