Podcast 198: Meandering Q&A

Podcast 198, 11/30/14 … In a pull from the archives, Jason and Tony share a 30-minute clip spontaneously recorded after a marathon podcast session in August. The result is a bit of a meandering Q&A about gaming, spirits and cigars that’s a little more mellow than our normal three-segment format.

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5 thoughts on “Podcast 198: Meandering Q&A

  1. Mike Reply

    I am catching up on your podcasts. I attended a wedding in residential Vegas back in 2001. The bridal party was put up at the Suncoast. Have not been back in years, but it is a nice place. They were offering 99-cent pancakes to gamblers in their coffee shop when I was there.

    I also enjoy the Gold Coast. Much cheaper gambling than the Rio across the street, and a great dim sum restaurant.

    • Jason Gillikin Reply

      My recollection of the Gold Coast is dim (not dim sum, though, alas) but I remember enjoying it.
      And, believe it or not, I have never been to a tiki bar. Is it worth it?

      • Mike Reply

        If you enjoy 1950s kitsch and fruity (but deceptively strong) drinks served in coconuts and carved tiki heads with umbrellas, I’d say yes.

        For me, I could skip it for a while, but my buddy is addicted to cheesy tiki culture. You do get to meet some Vegas locals at Frankie’s.

  2. Mike Reply

    The tiki bar is Frankie’s, I presume. I just discovered it. My buddy is a tiki fan and I took him there as a surprise for his 40th birthday. Now he wants to go every time we are in Vegas. Cabbies on Fremont pretend they don’t know where it is because the fare is so small (it’s close bbut not really walking distance).

    It is a cool bar.

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