Podcast 207: Caesar’s Bankruptcy & You; Macanudo Grand Cru Royale Toro; Nikka Japanese Whiskey

Podcast 207, 2/1/15 … Your gurus of gaming explain what the Caesar’s Entertainment bankruptcy may mean for you. Then, thanks to Famous Smoke Shop, we review the Macanudo Grand Cru Royale — and pair it with the exquisite Nikka, a blended whiskey from Japan.

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3 thoughts on “Podcast 207: Caesar’s Bankruptcy & You; Macanudo Grand Cru Royale Toro; Nikka Japanese Whiskey

  1. Mike Reply

    I have used Famous Smoke and other online retailers for years. Great prices and most mail-order cigar houses give their cigars extra humidity to survive the mail.

    It’s best to let a mail-order cigar rest for a few days in a humidor once you receive it, but there’s no quality reason to avoid online cigar sellers.

    • Jason Gillikin Reply

      I’m quite satisfied with Famous Smoke. They’ve sent us a few five-packs to review on the show. The sticks that arrived in the super-dry frigid Mitten nevertheless appeared well-cared for; no humidity challenges. I had obtained a few sticks from an online retailer several years ago; they were dried out and basically worthless. The experiences now are prompting a re-assessment of that bias.

      • Mike Reply

        If the retailer was Thomson Cigar Co. out of Florida, I understand. They always ship cigars too dry. They’re also more expensive than a lot of the other online retailers.

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