A Brief Programming Note ….

Well, shoot.

So just for the record, Tony and I have faithfully recorded a show for every week — no interruptions! But we’ve had a few recent breaks in show releases, so let me explain why.

  1. We had a two-week unplanned break resulting from sundry audio corruptions. The root cause? Swap space on the disk ran out, but no error message popped up warning us of the situation. So two shows were corrupted beyond recovery. Because we live in different parts of the state, we typically record four shows and I edit/post one show each Sunday morning. I didn’t realize the errors until it was too late, and we didn’t have a chance to get together for emergency re-recording given scheduling conflicts and travel time.
  2. Last week’s show will be released soon as a bonus “Wednesday post.” It’s recorded, and fine, but last weekend I was solidly blocked, and then much of this week was spent at a conference in Philadelphia. So I literally (in the real, not the Joe Biden, sense of the word) had no time to do any edits and get the show pushed.

Tony and I (mostly “I”) apologize for the disruption to our audience. I assure you, we’re not going anywhere, and these recent glitches should not be interpreted as anything other than just “glitches.”

As a way of making it up to you, we did record two brief off-sequence, off-script shows that we’ll surprise you with mid-week at some point later this spring or into the summer. As compensation for the emotional trauma of having been deprived of your sweet, sweet dose of VLO in recent months.

As always, let us know if you have questions, comments or feedback — @viceloungeol or 888-321-4447.

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