Podcast 219: Mata Hari cocktail, Casinos 2016 & the New Orleans Smoking Ban

Podcast 219, 5/10/15 … Happy Mother’s Day to all the women and mothers out there in podcast-land! This week we honor all mothers with a Mata Hari cocktail, then we roll into the 2016 election debate, how will casinos fare? Finally, we pontificate wildly about the New Orleans Anti-Smoking lawsuit and that that will mean for those who enjoy fine quality cigars!

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3 thoughts on “Podcast 219: Mata Hari cocktail, Casinos 2016 & the New Orleans Smoking Ban

  1. Mike Reply

    I highly doubt the retirement of Harry Reid will impact the already low odds of a smoking ban in Nevada. Smoking laws are made and fought at the state or local level and Reid’s influence there is minimal. It’s not a federal issue in the US.

    As for New Orleans, as you noted, Harrahs didn’t work very had to fight this until passage was about 2 weeks away. I don’t know why they wouldn’t work harder to secure an exemption. I was just in Orleans a couple months ago. Harrahs is not set up with multiple entrances and exits to make outdoor smoking areas easily accessed off the casino floor.

    When Ontario banned smoking, the government-owned Windsor casino had more than a year to build its outdoor smoking cages.

    Very few smoking lawsuits have succeeded except to remove any exemptions. The casino may have a little more luck getting the state to preempt the smoking regs at the casino but I doubt that. Anti-smoking activists will fight preemption with everything they have.

    I think the best Harrahs can hope for is eventually getting the OK to put in outdoor slot machines like some casinos in Ohio have.

    • Jason Gillikin Reply

      Harrahs … oh, you silly little casino.

      As for Reid, I agree, re: smoking bans. I wonder, though, whether his departure is enough to matter given how much AC is declining while casinos aren’t as big of a federal matter in other jursidictions.

  2. tony Post authorReply

    Mike, you are correct that the NO Harrah’s not well set-up for going outside for a quick/convenient smoke. And if you’re a cigar smoker? Well, that’s for sure a ‘no go’. I also concur that there’s little chance a lawsuit will be successful…I’d kinda like to see the state ban smoking-bans at the State level and then regulate it from the Capitol City…but I won’t hold my breathe.

    As for outside slots in Ohio, you say? Fascinating! We didn’t see that in OH at the Toledo casino, but it was very very new when Jason and I went to check it out, so maybe they’ll implement the same idea. That’s *kinda* cool…but talk about truly creating a second class citizen in your casino! But if the casino get really good action at those slots, maybe they could use that data to help convince their state legislature to remove its collective head from their posterior!

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