Podcast 228: Bastard Beers; Vegas Executives; Cigars & Local Governments

Podcast 228, 7/12/15 … Beers with the word “Bastard” in it has gotten scrutiny by state governments, most eventually relent. But you make it a bigger deal than it really is when you make such as Brew-Ha-Ha about it [see what we did there!?!?]. Next we talk about the Las Vegas executives of the major hotel-casino corporations and what what we think the long-term implications might be to the City and the industry. Finally, we discuss how governmental bureaucracy can cause businesses to suffer, even when the government isn’t inherently opposing the conduct of the business.

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3 thoughts on “Podcast 228: Bastard Beers; Vegas Executives; Cigars & Local Governments

  1. Mike Reply

    In regards to Vegas, the nightclub business by nature is a short-lived one. Studio 54 was burned out by 1982 and closed a couple years later. Many of Vegas’ most popular clubs have been doing very well for a comparatively long time.

    People age out of clubbing but there is always a new set of beautiful 21-year-olds ready to replace them. As long as they still regard Vegas as cool, the city will be fine– and make more money off off non-gambling entertainment, which is a bit more reliable than how much an Asian whale bets on baccarat in a month.

    I don’t own a cigar business, but I am surprised at how many cigar bars have problems opening since the ban took effect. A new cigar bar and grill in Dearborn (transferred an existing license) was a year-plus late in opening because city officials didn’t understand that cigar bars can serve food under the same roof as long as they make the 10% cigar sales income. They kept trying to block it.

    • Jason Gillikin Reply

      Local gummint can be “special,” I grant. Have you paid attention to this third and final term for G.R.’s mayor, George Heartwell? For reasons that defy understanding, he’s made an all-out assault on (legal!) open-carry a thing, to the point of interrupting city commission meetings about it. Never underestimate the awesome power of inertia that hails from the ill-informed opinions of petit-bourgeous bureaucrats.

      • Mike Reply

        No I haven’t, although I know the name. Living on the other side of the state, I only check to see if local laws will cause me to miss a favorite brewery or makng my cigars illegal when I visit.

        So what is his goal? To get the council to pass a resolution opposing it and hoping the legislature passes a amendment for voters to OK?

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