Podcast 230: Indian Casinos, Another Jason-tini & Cuban Cigars

Podcast 230, 7/26/15 … Jason had a chance to check out the Soaring Eagle casino in Mount Pleasant, MI — a local Indian casino. Then Jason makes us a tasty, tasty “Jason-tini” (original, I know) and finally we discuss Cuban cigars thanks to an inquiry from a listener’s email!

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4 thoughts on “Podcast 230: Indian Casinos, Another Jason-tini & Cuban Cigars

  1. Mike Reply

    Living pretty near Windsor and visiting the Casa del Habano many times, I can say that when properly humidified and aged, certain Cubans to me are a special treat (Montecristo No. 2 is a favorite). But they’re not inherently better than cigars made elsewhere.

    I still highly doubt the “tiered quality” theory. The Casa del Habano is a worldwide franchise and I cannot believe they would treat their franchisees in “second tier” countries like that. Business executives and cigar smokers travel all over the world and while Cubans are not consistent, they should at least attempt to be by not favoring one country over another for stock.

    I have also read that some say Europe gets better cigars because the prices are higher. If that’s true, it’s only due to taxes. The wholesale price should be about the same.

    Cuban cigar making is inconsistent; that likely accounts for your different experiences. I have had amazing Monte 2s and some that were badly plugged.

    The myth could also come from the fact that there is a light shade wrapper that is sometimes known as “English market selection” or EMS. Back in the 1930s-1950s, the candela (green) wrappers favored by Americans were known as “American market selection (AMS).”

    • Jason Gillikin Reply

      I wish I could assert significant experience with Cubans, but I can’t. I’ve probably only had a dozen or so that I knew were of authentic Cuban origin – and the results were, as I mentioned on the show, mixed.
      Like you, I doubt the tiered-product story. But I wonder why the myth persists like it does.

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