Podcast 233: Johnnie Walker in our face, Tobacconist University and Tunica, MS

Podcast 233, 8/16/15 … Thanks to a friend of the show from Twitter (@TheWorldofVegas) for the suggestion to give some time and love to the Johnnie Walker brands of Scotch. After that we discuss the Tobacconist University and their four different levels of education you can obtain online. Finally, Tony gives a trip report to Tunica, Mississippi!

If you want to listen to the crossover show of 360Vegas we mentioned during the show, you can listen here: http://www.360vegaspodcast.com/2015/08/e-176-two-drunk-twits-and-microphone.html

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4 thoughts on “Podcast 233: Johnnie Walker in our face, Tobacconist University and Tunica, MS

  1. Mike Reply

    Michigan lawmakers screwed consumers a few years ago when they started allowing off-premise stores to mark up liquor above the state-set prices (which then became “state minimums”) but still banned discounted prices, except for “sales” authorized by the state liquor control board.

    I don’t like price controls, but all that did is benefit store owners. I prefer New Hampshire, which still has state-run liquor stores but prices are quite low, especially compared to neighboring Massachusetts. They’re cheaper than Michigan as well.

    MADD has spent decades explaining that 1 beer = 1 shot = 1 glass of wine when it comes to the amount of alcohol contained, generally. You’d think the state would treat all types of alcohol the same when it comes to regulation.

    BTW, I enjoy Johnny Walker very much. Black (neat with a couple drops of water) is my everyday scotch.

    • Tony Snyder Reply

      It just seems like the gov’t shouldn’t be dictating what the market allows for pricing. Surely the majority of liquors sold are well above the realistic “demand” price. Good for business, good for state, bad for consumer.

      As for JW Black, man, I really liked that Scotch. I will probably go out and get a bottle of that for this upcoming weekend. Even listening back to the podcast, this morning, I remember thinking it was super tasty!

      • Mike Reply

        I bought a bottle of double black when it was a duty-free exclusive a few years ago. I like it (and love Islay-heavy single malts like Lagavulin) but it didn’t strike me as worth the extra price.

        Speaking of prices, I once saw JW Blue on sale in a San Diego liquor store for $130 a bottle… that’s less than duty free in some countries. Michigan was about $200 at the time (it may be more now),

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