Podcast 236: The Negroni, Diamond Crown Cigar & Electronic Table Games

Podcast 236, 9/13/15 … The Negroni cocktail is a very popular drink using the Campari aperitif–but it’s also an incredibly bitter one. Neither Jason nor Tony enjoy it, but it’s such a mainstay in the cocktail work that it’s hard to ignore it. So, despite their lack of enjoyment, they shake one together to review for the show.

Next, they review the Diamond Crown Robusto cigar…with just a “meh” overall rating. Looking for a smoke that you can take from the mild to medium bodied palate profile? This is your stick!

Finally, VLO discusses the fact that electronic table games are making a larger and larger presence in casinos. Some because of statutory limitations, others because he saves the casino an extra buck. What do you think of them? We’d love to hear your thoughts, use any of our social media landing pages to sound off!

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 236: The Negroni, Diamond Crown Cigar & Electronic Table Games

  1. Mike Reply

    I have only played a few hands at electronic tables. One advantage is I feel less bad about enjoying a cigar while playing (I avoid smoking cigars at busy blackjack tables). Many times, I will be the only one at the machine. Although I would rather just play video poker.

    Do the electronic tables use regular BJ rules? Most of the video poker machines that offer blackjack have a number of player-unfriendly rules.

    • Jason Gillikin Reply

      Yes, the tables use the regular rules. The only real difference, at least at the one we played in Windsor, is that the dealer (there’s still a dealer) still plays out the cards, but the shoe has a camera so the on-table displays know what your count is, and bets are managed electronically instead of with chips.

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