Podcast 237: The Patels visit The Mitten; More Foreign Beers!

Podcast 237, 9/20/15 … Jason and Tony talk about Rocky and Nish Patel visiting West Michigan, then they enjoy more of the foreign beers they bought in the spring.

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7 thoughts on “Podcast 237: The Patels visit The Mitten; More Foreign Beers!

  1. Mike Reply

    You guys do need to come to metro Detroit more often. 95% of the state’s cigar bars and most of its lounges are over here. I just had dinner at a new cigar bar Sunday.

      • Mike Reply

        That was Nar Bar on Michigan Ave. in Dearborn. The former Chele’s. It’s mostly a sports bar type place with smoking. They have a small humidor that still needs to be stocked. They are allowing you to bring your own sticks for no fee.

        • Tony Snyder Reply

          That’s fantastic to know! I can’t wait to give it try! Thanks, Mike, for being our “Go To” guy for the SE area of Michigan!

          • Mike

            You’re welcome. One of these days we’ll have to meet. I was in Marshall and Battle Creek a few weeks ago. No time for cigars, though.

          • Tony Snyder

            Well let me know if you’re that way again, BC has both a fine quality smoke shop (The Corona) and a great casino! No reason not to hit up both if you’ve the time and inclination!

          • Mike

            Thanks! I have been to Fire Keepers and enjoyed both a cigar and the casino’s Arcadia-made house beer while playing video poker.

            The wife, however, isn’t a fan of any of those. 🙁 What she does love that we don’t have in SE Michigan anymore is Schlotzsky’s Deli. We always have to visit at least 1. We’re out that way every September for the Marshall historic home tour.

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