Podcast #241: Rum Tastings, Cigar Reviews & the Vegas mindset!

Podcast 241, 10/18/15 … Well, we’re out in Vegas right now so please enjoy this show! We’re going to do a rum taste-off between Pyrat Rum and Captain Morgan Select Barrel. They’re placed next to each other on the shelf at your liquor store, they’re also priced the same. But are they the same? Are they truly equals?

Next Jason and Tony each enjoyed a cigar since their last recording. What’d they smoke? Did they like it? Do they recommend it to you, listener, for your humidor? Listen and find out!

Finally, we discuss the mental mindset you have to have to stay on the Strip in Las Vegas versus downtown and Fremont Street! There are definitive Pros/Cons to each locale, we’ll talk about what you should consider before pulling the trigger on either situation!

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