Podcast E-242: Col. Taylor Bourbon, Rocky Patel & San Cristobal Cigars and Daily Fantasy Sports

Podcast 242, 10/25/15 … To begin, we apologize for the crackling sound in the first 3 minutes of the podcast, that was only noticed in post-production.

In this show, we’re going to discuss the Tale of Two Bourbons. It’s amazing what a ice cube can do for opening up a flavorful whiskey. In this instance: The Col. Taylor bourbon is just that! We try it without, and then with, an ice cube. Find out how night and day the change becomes!

Then, Jason will discuss his “okay” experience with a Rocky Patel Fusion cigar while Tony raves about the deliciousness that is a San Cristobal Elegancia.

Finally, we discuss the daily fantasy sports scandals, what it means and what the likely significance is to the trade world and the casino world!

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