Podcast E-243: VIMFP Trip Report

Podcast 243, 11/1/15 … This week we have a fairly short show whereby Tony discusses the gambling, cigars and fine adult beverages he enjoyed while out in Las Vegas during the VIMFP festivities! We’ll be back for our regularly scheduled shows next week!

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3 thoughts on “Podcast E-243: VIMFP Trip Report

  1. Mike Reply

    Tony, did you notice that the D’s upstairs “Vintage Vegas” area has 10/7 VP machines — which pay above 100% in the long term? They’ve been very good to me.

    They dispense real quarters, which is weird, noisy and dirty to me now.

    • tony Post authorReply

      I did not, however, I don’t know how to play 10/7 DDB (I think it’s DDB). Alas I’m only educated with JoB & BP which are 99.5%. I agree that real quarters are SUPER dirty and I appreciate that the D has wetnaps at their cages for us to attempt to sanitize our hands!

  2. Mike Reply

    I thought a full-pay JB/BP machine was about a 98% payback?

    I know there are slight differences in strategy in double bonus, etc., but I usually just use my JoB card and it seems to do pretty well. I do wish cards for the other varieties were easily accessable.

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