Podcast E-244: Glenlivet Founder Reserve Scotch & Two Tasty Cigars!

Podcast 244, 11/8/15 … Jason & Tony couldn’t quite get their schedules to mesh this week for the purposes of recording their traditional marathon of podcasts, so we pulled one from our reserve to post! Jason graciously procured for the VLO boys a unique Scotch (specifically, the Glenlivet Founder Reserve) which had a fascinating nose and taste of agave (that’s the key flavor in tequila)!

Then Tony discusses the 1502 Emerald Cigar and thoroughly enjoyed it, he thinks you will too. Jason reviews a “Very Tony Snyder Cigar” the Padron — Damaso #17. The reason why this is such an interesting cigar is because it’s their first “mild to medium” stick they set out to make. Most cigar aficionados enjoy Padron for their very powerful flavors…one that would knock Tony on his keester. So if you’re like Tony and prefer your smokes mild to medium, look for this smoke because it might be your first foray into the Pedron line. Tony knows he’s going to try it the first chance he gets!

Finally, there was one entire section of the podcast where Tony had his microphone off, so that went into the blooper reel. Consider yourself forewarned: You’ll likely turn your sound up to be able to hear it. We’ve faded in the Price is Right horns so that it doesn’t blow your eardrum (or speaker) but do know that if you turn your sound up, you’ve going to want to be Johnny-On-The-Spot to quickly turn it down.

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