Podcast E-245: Evan Williams KY Cider; sorta Alec Bradley cigars; casinos & millennials

Podcast 245, 11/15/15 … In this go around we discuss the Evan Williams Kentucky Cider and how different it tastes simply by warming it up, versus drinking it as a cold drink over ice! Then Tony & Jason review a “rejected” cigar from the Alec Bradley manufacturer. Apparently the company that ordered these cigars went belly-up and so AB is selling them off a deep, deep discount to its retailers. We weren’t fans. Finally, we discuss casinos & millennials. Perhaps they’re much ado about nothing?

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4 thoughts on “Podcast E-245: Evan Williams KY Cider; sorta Alec Bradley cigars; casinos & millennials

  1. Mike Reply

    Sorry, I had something written and then got an error message and it didn’t post. I don’t remember it now.

    Have you guys changed servers or redesigned the site? I notice things don’t post right away or the messages get lost.

    • jason Reply

      We have not changed servers, but I’m thinking about doing so in late December, when I’m on vacation. Our current provider — I’ve used them for a decade — is severely slipping in quality standards lately. #NotHappy. In fact, in another site I run (caffeinated-press.com), we get shopping cart errors that have led to duplicate charges. It’s sad; this host used to be really good. Now … ugh.

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