Podcast E-247: Evan Williams Single Barrel, Cigar Myths, Casino Would You Rather

Podcast 247, 11/29/15 … This week we enjoy the Evan Williams Single Barrel bourbon. While usually considered to be a “bottom shelf” bourbon, the Single Barrel won the #2 spot on Whiskey Advocates Top 10 Bourbons for Fall, 2015. You can read about the other Top 9 bourbons here. We couldn’t believe how amazing this bourbon was and at an incredibly low price point of $31, it’s easily an “every day Bourbon”.

Next we discuss what we consider to be the 7 most common cigar myths that have taken on a truth of their own…except there’s little truth to them at all. Did you know these weren’t true or do believe them to be factual?

Finally, we play a fun game of “Would You Rather…” in the casino. We ask the other person which of two terrible options would they rather chose over the other. Which one would you rather?

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3 thoughts on “Podcast E-247: Evan Williams Single Barrel, Cigar Myths, Casino Would You Rather

  1. Mike Reply

    Regarding cigar cutters, I have 1 high-quality cutter (Xikar double-edge guillotine that you mentioned) but I don’t travel with it. I have a $3-$5 plastic no-name double-edge that has lasted for years through many trips.

    • jason Reply

      I don’t travel with my cutter, either — but my Xikar torch includes a punch, which usually works in a pinch.

  2. Mike Reply

    Regarding Louisville, my understanding is the city doesn’t have cigar bars — places where you can drink and smoke indoors. Last time I looked into it, some places may have had heated patios. I think you can smoke in cigar shops.

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