E-254: Evan Williams Black Label; Davidoff & Curivari; Video Poker Concerns

Podcast 254, 1/17/2016 … This time around we try, at the behest of listener Adam, to try the “bottom shelf” alcohols. So, we procured a bottle of the Evan Williams Black Label. Not a terrible Bourbon but we think it’s best used as a mixer.

Then Jason shares with us the Curivari Reserva cigar and Tony talks about the Davidoff 6000 he bought while he was out in Vegas. Both smokes were enjoyed by the podcasters, see if it sounds like a smoke you would want to spend your hard earned money on and precious smoking time!

Lastly, we pontificate wildly about whether or not Video Poker is starting to lose its luster since the casinos are defiling the paytables and gutting the player’s club benefits. With odds on video poker just as bad as a slot machine, does it make sense to go to Vegas to play a game that you can get (or perhaps better that) at your local indian casino?

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