E-255: Gin & Tonic; Davidoff & Dissident Cigars; Darkside of Craps

Podcast 255, 1/24/2016 … If you’ve been listening to the podcast for any amount of time, by now you understand that Tony is *not* a Gin drinker, try as he might. That said, the boys have found themselves a really, really tasty and high-quality Gin made by Spruce Rogue distillery. Pair that with the Fever Tree tonic water and you’ve got yourself one delicious Gin & Tonic cocktail. Add a half-wheel of lemon for flavor/garnish and you’ll join Tony in his new found love of a very smooth drink.

Next we talk about the Davidoff 2000 and the Dissident Soapbox Tirade cigar. Tony went on a Davidoff smoking spree whilst out in Vegas and so he had a bunch of reviews to share, he promises this is the last one…for January! Jason smoked, but was not wowed with the Dissident Soapbox smoke. Jason even comments how January has not been a stellar month for outstanding smoking experiences.

Finally, we discuss the notion of being a “Wrong” bettor or “Darkside” bettor at the Craps table. This is typically when you bet the Don’t Pass or Don’t Come bets on the layout. The problem is, you’re essentially betting against all your fellow players and hoping they lose. We’ve presented a way to perhaps minimize the sink-eye you’re going to get from everyone at the table if you bet as a “wrong” bettor.

Remember: Louisville, KY and the 5th Anniversary of the Vice Lounge Online will take place Thursday, March 31 – Sunday, April 3 at the Horseshoe Southern Indiana and downtown Louisville. We’re going to check out the Maker’s Mark & Woodford Reserve distilleries! If you think you might swing by and hang out with us, please make sure to let us know so we can include you in the RSVP numbers we’re giving to our contacts!

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